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Do you know who YOU truly are?

Are YOU embracing who you truly are?

Are YOU Embodying who you truly are?

Your entire life has been a journey of self-discovery.

The way we FEEL about ourselves is a vibration that is attracting our life experience to us! Each and every one of us has a different frequency that broadcasts a totally different vibration to the world around us and yet, we are all ONE. This journey of ‘self-discovery’ is about paying attention to what is ‘coming up’ within our bodies at any given moment. It’s about BEing the observer as our lives unfold before us.

The question is...are YOU paying attention? When you get angry at a neighbour or a co-worker, are you aware that they are doing what they did just for YOU to have that awareness? Everything is energy and energy can be changed ~ my favourite saying. Within our bodies we have energy that is no longer serving us ~ blockages. During our experience in this human form, we have become very good at burying emotions. We don’t allow people to see that we are upset, we save tears for when we are alone and we certainly don’t let anyone witness our anger. It is this very act of burying that is coming to the surface now.

THIS is the KEY to unlocking our magical life!!!! It is time for allowing what no longer serves us to go. The problem is that we have buried some of these emotions that we don’t even know that they are effecting our lives in a negative way. In order for these emotions that we buried to come to the surface, someone is going to trigger us... we may feel anger, resentment, disappointment ~ whatever it is, simply BE aware that it has come to your attention that it is in your body and allow it to go.

You don’t have to make it complicated, just allow the clearing to take place. For myself, I don’t care where the emotion came from originally, the only thing that matters, is that it is gone. It no longer serves anyone to hold onto anger or any other low vibration energy. There is no room in a high vibration body for the lower frequency ~ no room whatsoever. The more lower vibration energy you can eliminate from your body, the more room for high frequency LIGHT you have. The important thing to remember is that everything that is unfolding in front of you ...IS FOR YOU. Pay attention to what comes up and allow it to be released. Once you can clear the dark, low vibration frequency, you can replace it with the LIGHT.

How to Clear Yourself

  1. 1.Release emotions stored in your body - pay attention throughout your day to your emotions. If you find that you react to certain people or circumstances, consider the fact that YOU have that stored emotion within you. When you are aware of the stored emotion and eliminate it, you will feel the difference in your life - by discovering your authentic self - your true self. These stored emotions are like blockages preventing you from loving yourself.

How do you eliminate these blockages to all your desires? My favourite way is to practice EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It is very easy to do yourself and is what I have found to be the quickest way to shift the energy - the emotion. Watch my video about how to release pain using EFT and simply change the wording to suit whatever emotion you are eliminating.

Please note...the above is for ‘stored emotions’ that are stuck in your body - which causes a blockage and gives you the symptom of pain. From this moment on, practice mindfulness when it comes to your emotions. For example, be aware of the fact that you are feeling anger (or whatever emotion you are experience), and DO NOT bury this emotion - a buried emotion will create a blockage in your flow which is a ‘stored’ emotion.  Follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a deep breath and ‘BE’ with the emotion. As I mentioned above, don’t bury it or even ignore it. Just BE curious and feel acceptance while you continue to breathe deep. Identify the emotion, “there is anger (shame, guilt, anxiety, frustration or fear) in me”

  2. Accept what is going on right now in your body. In the book called “Peace is Every Step” by Thich Nhat Hahn, it is suggested that we make a mental acknowledgement to ourselves: “I can accept that I am experiencing intense embarrassment right now.” Simply using this acceptance, you embrace the emotion (whatever is coming up for you) and it will actually soothe you. By being open to be aware of the emotion and the fact that it is present in your body, you are creating a space around it, which will allow it to leave your experience.

  3. Another process you can do during your acknowledging and acceptance of the emotion is to consider how on-lookers would feel. Not everyone has the same perception and as soon as we find ourselves coming up with other ways to look at the situation, we can change our perception.

  4. 2.Get into the habit of taking care of yourself - Self Care. YOU are number ONE! There is a reason that while on an airplane they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first - without YOUR health, you are NOT able to care for others. We tend to care for others to the point that our health is effected. If you make yourself top priority, you are in top form to help everyone around you. Where do you start?

  5. Create daily ‘success’ habits to raise your vibration! Like meditation first thing in the morning or journalling your wins... anything that will assist you to feeling great....feeling amazing throughout your day.

  6. Book a massage regularly and enjoy having someone take care of your muscles. Relax and breathe!

  7. Enjoy a yoga class - which will massage your organs and stretch your muscles.

  8. 3.Everything that you eat and drink effects your mind, body & spirit. What you consume will effect your mood and your energy level. Your body can function beautifully when you eat the right combination of foods. Eat nutrient dense food - high vibration food so that your cells will have the nutrients they need to rejuvenate. It’s pretty simple - eat REAL FOOD and a variety of colours.

  9. Monitor your thoughts about the food you are going to eat. Negative thoughts directed to your food, will be ingested by you and will effect you negatively. Bless your food by being grateful and filled with appreciation will raise the vibration of your food.

  10. Listen to your body and eat ONLY when you are hungry. Your body will crave certain nutrient-dense foods, when you are in need of the minerals/vitamins that it contains. Pay attention to the negative reactions your body gives you to sugar, coffee, processed foods (anything that doesn’t come from nature), wheat or dairy. The food you eat should give you energy! Ask yourself a powerful question: “Is this going to give me energy or taking away my energy?”. You can even muscle test to see if the item is what your body requires at this time. Learn how to muscle test HERE.

  11. 4.Get plenty of exercise! Bless your body with a brisk walk - you will build your muscles and assist your body in eliminating the toxins. Enjoy a yoga class so that you will be massaging your organs and stretching your muscles. Your body loves to move - dancing, walking, running - whatever you choose to do, it will be a beneficial decision.

  12. 5.Loving yourself is a serious process but have fun with it. When you pass by a mirror, look at yourself and say “Hey there good looking” or “Wow - you look awesome today!”. It doesn’t matter if someone is around or not, just relax and have some fun - they will likely laugh and realize that it is fun. The more fun you have with it, the better - you will be raising your vibration and reprograming your subconscious mind at the same time!!!